Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back in Italy

One of these days I'll post some pictures when I find a computer that will do it.  If there's one thing I have learned is that one day in the future, we will all communicate via a hand-held device that fits in your pocket.  You will be able to call someone, like using a telephone, and also get data from the web, check arrival and departure times, reserve train tickets, etc.  I know, it sounds incredulous but . . . wait, I've just been handed a news bulletin. . . crap, it's already happened and I may have to change with the times !!!  The reason I have been unable to post much is that internet cafes, or internet points, are all but extinct.  Fortunately, yesterday we found a university in Lecce that let us use theirs for a brief email and today I am at the Lecce Bibliotech using theirs.  Nice of them to allow me to do this so I will be brief.

We had the best time in Split, HR (that stands for Croatia), and Dubrovnik was beautiful.  Took a side trip to Mostar, Bosnia (don't know the code for Bosnia).  We took an overnight ferry to Bari, IT (that stands for Italy), took a train to Lecce and had a great visit there.  We are waiting for our train to Roma (that stands for Rome) which leaves about 12:50pm.  We arrive in Roma around 18:30 (that's 6:30pm) and hopefully will hook up with Pam, Rob, Cheryl, and Sandra.  We spend two nights in Roma and then on to Siena.  As I said, I will post picts when I can but not today.

It's been relatively hot and humid since we hit Dubrovnik.  Damn that city has a lot of stairs.  A shout out to Belinda's aunt Alice.  She probably saved our marriage by spending time shopping with Belinda.  Like we needed to encourage that !  Anyway, Alice brings this collapsible bag with her just for her purchases.  Now that's not something I want to encourage Belinda to do but the first thing this morning she says "I've just got to get one of those collapsible bags!"  Alice, you may have been a life saver but you may also have created a monster.  And enjoy the seven pairs of shoes !

More later. . . ciao, ciao, ciao.   (That's the way the Italians say it)