Monday, October 4, 2010

Bellagio, Italy and THE screwup

I'm referring to me, in the second part of the title.  I failed to cancel at least one reservation and so far it has cost us 97€.  1/3 the cost of the netbook I should have brought with me to make sure I could keep in contact with all our hotels.  I have certainly learned a lesson here and I've mentioned it before. NEVER leave the country without some form of communications device- web-enabled cell phone, netbook, tin can and string.  We've managed fine but it's been more of a hassle to keep in touch than if we had to carry a device.  Next time I will get a suitcase the size of the trunk in most small cars here and load it up with gear.  Netbook, cell, iPad.   It's been a great trip but we are winding down and looking forward to English, free toilets, and smiles.  The smiles are interesting here.  No one makes eye contact until you speak to them and then most have a big smile and offers of help.  Just like LA except for the offers of help.

We have a nice room here in Bellagio.  It is raining so we feel like home.  We met some ladies from Oklahoma City.  Jennifer, Candy, and Honey, celebrating their 40th, 60th, and 80th birthday.  Grandmother, mother and a granddaughter.  Sweet ladies.  We love the "stripper" names, as Jennifer calls them. 

And still no card reader so I can't post a picture with my blog.  I hate that !  Did I mention Bellagio is another damn hill town!  Gratefully not as steep as the others but their steps have rocks sticking out of them.  I'm sure it's for looks but don't walk on them when wet.  And it's wet.  Not too wet but slippery wet.  Belinda really likes this internet cafe.  She's sipping wine and eating a sandwich.  Me and my Coke.

I think we are going to head back to our room and watch Italian news.  Last night we watched MTV.  The Italian Top 20.  Interesting.  There were two videos that were in the top 20 twice !  Not sure what that was about but one was #17 and also #3.  Don't remember the other combination.

Of course, we leave Bellagio Wednesday morning and it was clear and beautiful.  We headed back to Milan for one night at the hotel where I had originally reserved four nights.  I must have done that before Belinda decided to add Lake Como.  Then I promptly forgot to cancel.  Fortunately they only charged us for one night.  I can live with that.  We get home Thursday night and hopefully Cheryl will remember to pick us up.  I'll email her to remind her but with jet lag and all the excitement of her trip, I hope she remembers her old friends.  I have my massage scheduled for Friday am which I do not want to miss.